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Agência Fher started 10 years ago, with the objective of transforming the results of each client into a satisfaction, our goal has always been to produce the success of our esteemed clients, however, we have perfected our traits, techniques, materials and profile. Today Fher operates in the Capixaba market as an Advertising Agency and proposes the best in this area. Creating, redesigning, modeling and formatting are actions that are part of our routine and the goal is still to successfully transform and generate results. What has always been good, now is even better, together with this is the professional experience and the feedback that makes us specialists. Trust who knows what you do. #VemPraFher


Glaysio Fernandes, Agência Fher, Fher Produções, Agência de Publicidade
Glaysio Fernandes

Art director

Specialist in successful Brand Creation, works as Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Art Director. Managing media, shaping ideas and innovating are the goals and surprising is the determination.

Priscila Souza, Agência Fher
Priscila Souza

Commercial director

With business intelligence, determined, proactive and feeling. It proposes alternatives with results attributed to the insight of those who are qualified. Flexing, adjusting and successfully finishing is the goal, always.


Logotipo, Agência Fher, Fher Produções, Agência de Publicidade

When we reached 10 Years, we decided to change the Fher Brand, we needed a creative evolution, which represented action and movement, however, with a clean format, thus maintaining the proposal of the diversity of colors and with characteristics of versatility. As we evolved into the new brand, we found the ideal representation of what, today, can be said as "the Fher of 1 decade" of expertease. The representativeness of the letter "F", grafted to the action of an icon in motion, running, jumping and advancing was the best expression of this 10-year career and in what is most proposed in the coming decades. #Success


A decade ago, nobody in Brazil spoke about 4G Internet, Digital TV Signal or HDMI input and terms like Instagram and Whatsapp were unknown words in our vocabulary. A lot has changed, 3D cinema has become feverish, superheroes have jumped from HQ's to Cinemas' screens and believe me, a decade ago, Michael Jackson was also alive to rock his shows. But everything changes in 10 years, the world, Brazil and Fher too, but, as always expected, it changes for the better and that's what happened to us, because change is good and evolution is necessary!

Logotipo 2006, Agência Fher, Fher Produções, Agência de Publicidade


Logotipo 2008, Agência Fher, Fher Produções, Agência de Publicidade


Logotipo 2012, Agência Fher, Fher Produções, Agência de Publicidade


Logotipo 2018, Agência Fher, Fher Produções, Agência de Publicidade


Logotipo 2014, Agência Fher, Fher Produções, Agência de Publicidade


* the logo created in 2018 currently remains in application

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